Combat Rules

Courtesy of Tom Jarvis originally by Palladium Books Inc.

Hey guys I wanted to put together a fact sheet for the game to put the most used rules into an easy to reference place. So far I only have the melee round put together let me know anything else you think we should have.

Melee Round
15 seconds
Step 1 Initiative
Everyone rolls a d20 plus any bonuses

Step 2 Roll to Strike
Choose an attack and target roll a d20 plus bonuses
Anything above a four hits

Step 3 Roll to Parry, Dodge, or Entangle
Choose which way you will attempt to avoid damage and roll a d20 plus bonuses
Defender wins ties
Parrying is automatic for anyone with hand to hand skills
Dodging uses the next melee action unless specified by an ability

Step 4 Roll Damage
Damage is rolled based on attack type with applicable bonuses

Step 5 Roll with impact
Roll a d20 plus bonuses must match the attack roll
halves damage
counts as one action


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