Attendance will be tracked. Here is how it benefits the players, and the system.
The goal is 75% on-time attendance, with on-time being within 10 minutes of start. The time period measured will be over 8 sessions. On-time & attending 1 point. Attending but late is 3/4 point. Points will be rounded up for reward earnings, so 6 1/2=7 for rewards, except for an 8. 7 3/4 will be counted as an 8, but 7 1/2 will be a 7.

These rules begin with the session on August 6th.

Out of 8 sessions:
6 Attendance points: 100 xp
7 Attendance points: 250 xp
8 Attendance points: A Luck Point or a GM gift card, plus 400xp.

A Luck Point can be used to re-roll any single dice roll (including HP rolls) but that new result must be taken.
The GM gift card gives 12 GM points. A GM point gives a bonus +4 to any roll, or +20% to any percentage roll. One GM point may be used per session.

Attending only 4 out of 8 sessions (50%) will result in a warning. 2 warnings in a one year period will result in removal from the game. Less than 4 out of 8 may result in immediate removal, group vote. Attending only 5 out of 8 sessions (62%) twice in one year will result in a warning. One more 8 week period within that year with 5 or less will result in removal.

If you are not there the character will earn 1/2 xp. The person playing your character will earn 1/2 xp towards his own character’s xp (example Joe plays Zolo, his character, and Bobo, John’s character. Zolo gets his own xp, plus 1/2 of Bobo’s xp. Bobo gets 1/2 xp because John was not there.) The GM may pick any character to play another if none is specified… No person can play more than 2 PC’s in one night. The GM is the ultimate decider as to who plays whom.


Fo’Un’Di 0 0 100
Gravitron 0 0 100
Sun Crusher 0 0 0 100
Mageright 0 0 100
Max 0 0 100
Blue Bomber 0 0 100