X the Hex

Mutant anti-social villain, bent on eliminating others with power


“X” the Hex or Hex-X

A.K.A.: Xanthippus “Noren” Bête
(his last name is pronounced “Bate”)

Power Category: Mutant
Unstable Abilities that grow with time/age/experience

Negate Super Powers,

Immune to Psionics,

Negate Magic (Special): This power creates a protective area around the character in which NO magic can be cast or have ANY effect. P.P.E. is also rapidly absorbed from opponents who approach the character. This power cannot be turned on and off. This essentially prevents helpful spells from also being cast on the character. Even spells that create a physical substance dissolve immediately once the character’s anti-magic globe comes in range. Magic items and weapons also become powerless. If they are ancient, indestructible items, they suddenly become aged and very fragile while in the presence of this protective area. There is a 75% chance that an ancient magic weapon that is used within this protective field will shatter and break beyond all repair.


When Noren was born his mother died from complications of what doctors thought was Rhesus negative syndrome. Even though she was treated with Rhogam (a medication that suppresses the immunoglobulins that kill the fetus). Normally, the mother is not affected with this disease, rather it is the baby that suffers. Yet, doctors could not explain her death otherwise. Noren’s father shortly killed himself after his wife’s tragic death, leaving little Noren a ward of the state.

As Noren grew up, he quickly realized that he was different. He was always the black sheep where ever he went. He transfered from foster home to foster home on a regular basis. Each time the experience was the same. Nobody wanted him. They would say that he caused bad things to happen. It seemed that bad luck followed him where ever he went. Disease also plagued those who were around him. He could not prove this, but secretly Noren knew that he was the cause for the bad things that happened to people around him.

Noren struggled through school. He loved learning, but he was always the brunt of kids jokes. Bullies really never targeted him with violence, most of them just avoided him. Some kids would say they would get nauseous around him. Yet, they directed jokes about him behind his back. No one wanted him around. Noren turned to books for friends. When he was alone he would practice mimicking the voices of his persecutors. He got really good at it. So good in fact he started confusing groups of bullies when we would throw his voice mimicking one of the bullies. Apart from books, this was his only way of coping with the hurt and pain.

One day, while in his senior year of high school, Noren was walking back to his apartment when he was mugged. Two thugs jumped him, and threw him up against a dumpster. They pulled out a gun. Noren thought all his misery would be over in this moment, when from the roof top dropped the Maltese Hammer, a local super hero to Noren’s rescue.

The Hammer landed with such power he cracked an 8 foot crater in the asphalt. His fist crackled with raw electric energy. The thugs turned their guns on the Hammer. Their bullets bounce off his chest like they were marshmallows. He rushed at them grabbing one of them forcing him up against the dumpster. Suddenly, the Hammer’s fist no longer were crackling. The Hammer tried to lift the thug with his super strength, but it was gone!

The thug realized something amiss. He swiftly kneed the Hammer. For the first time since, the experimental accident that granted him super abilities, the Maltese Hammer buckled over in pain. The thug brought down his elbow on the top of the Hammer’s bowed head. The Hammer dropped to the ground. Both thugs were now standing over the Maltese Hammer guns aimed at the hero. They unloaded their entire clips.

The thugs, so ecstatic they just wasted the Hammer, completely forgot about Noren. They ran way boasting about their malicious feat as they heard the sirens coming. Noren was left crouching on the ground beside of the dumpster only feet from the bleeding body of the local hero. This was Noren’s fault. He knew it. Contrary to normal feelings, Noren was not afraid, instead he felt empowered! After all, Noren wasn’t normal.

In the next couple of weeks, the news was riddled with hero after hero who had fallen victim to strange circumstances. A hero who could breath underwater was found on the bank of a river dead from drowning. A hero who could phase through walls was found half imbedded in a brick wall.

Some super villains also died in similar circumstances. A pyro-maniac who could create fire was burned to death in his own flames. A superstrong crony was found smashed underneath a cement truck that he was about to throw at a bank wall. Witnesses confirmed that these all appeared as accidents. One moment the villains and heroes were using their powers, and then suddenly they weren’t. The only thing the witnesses did not see was the presence of a well-placed Noren, pretending to cower and be afraid like the rest of the bystanders.

Realizing his power to negate practically any power known merely with his presence, Noren decided that Century Station Prison was the place he needed to be. Even though he did not pass the personality test required to be a prison guard, Noren got a job working as a maintenance technician. It was here where he learned about the super villain underworld and about tactics. Secretly, Noren continued to learn from the inmates as he cleaned their cells or change their light bulbs.

It was at Century Station where he learned about, and met the Iron Enforcer. He probed his knowledge and hatred of mutants and other super beings. Noren learned about the Iron Enforcer’s suit that was engineered to adapt to any situation. The Iron Enforcer revealed that his suit was protected against reverse engineering because of this constant state of adaption. He also boasted to Noren that only the Iron Enforcer could access the suit due to a highly encrypted voice activation/piloting system. At that moment Noren initiated a plan to steal the Enforcer’s suit and take on his persona as an anti-mutant hunter.

It took about a month for Noren to prepare his heist. Slowly he collected all the equipment and clearances he needed. In one night, Noren gained access to the Enforcer’s suit, put it on, activated it using all the information he learned from the Enforcer (along with his master imitation skills), then exited the prison.
The world of super heroes are about ready to quiver before the new Enforcer X.

X the Hex

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