The year is 2047, the earth has been through little changes but the governments across the globe have been though a ton of changes.

2020 – The Middle East countries (including Egypt) unite under one flag and call themselves Palestine. This puts the squeeze on Israel and several of Israel’s allies are forced to assist the little country or watch it be destroyed. The act causes an open war with the new country of Palestine and it is knocked back allowing for the expansion of Israel, a burn that the middle east will not recover.

2023 – SIAM is formed after the attempt to expand China’s control. SIAM stands for Syndicate of Interdependent Asian Municipalities; a conglomerate of extremely wealthy allied nations that stood against China while the Middle East went to war with Israel. This alliance of SIAM consists of the smaller countries that surround China threatened by the expansion (Japan, Lao, Mongolia, Korea, Burma, Thailand, Philippines etc.)

2025 – 2030 China goes to war with SIAM. The enlistment of several countries is asked for but no one dares get involved with soldiers, only weapons and supplies; thousands die.

2035 – North America almost became a united nation known as Neo-NATO – New North America Tactical Order. However the registration act of that same time hindered the three countries from becoming a united front and Xenos was built from the ruins.

2036 – America goes to war with Mexico over the boarder that they share. El Paso and several boarder cities are destroyed. The immediate arrest of Mexicans is ordered and several million illegal aliens lose their lives in the witch hunt that follows. Those that stand with the illegals aliens are shot down with the Mexicans as declared traitors to their country.

2037 – South America is threatened by an unknown force and as a knee jerk (within a month) reaction forms their own united countries act to fight against an unknown terror. Entrance into South America becomes restricted.

2040 – Xenos is declared a nation taking part of Brazil and some of the the uninhabited Pacific Islands to give itself world coverage.

2042 – Europe because of financial troubles and the desire for a strong front and historic strength unite to become UnCLE (United Confederate Lords of Europe). As a confederacy they are able to keep independent control of their individual countries but become as strong as the United States.

2047 -


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