Sun Crusher

He's Iron Man crossed with Mr. Freeze. The suit he has is a heating insulator (black and gold colored) as well as body armor with large gauntlets that not only house his plasma ejectors, but protect him from the shock wave of his own punches.


Image provided by Deviant Art

NAME: Sun Crusher IQ: 15 +0%
REAL NAME: Worrok Veb’Kerrerom of Plarsek V ME: 12 00%
ALIGNMENT: Scrupulous Good MA: 18 40%
OCCUPATION: private resort owner/ personal pilot PS: 86 (SN) +71
EDUCATION: Military Program w/piloting emphasis PP: 20 +3
EXP. LEVEL: 4th PE: 24 +5
HT: 6’1" WT: 198 lbs PB: 12 00% SpD: 36: close dist./feet per sec.
Sex: male Hair: blonde
|to strike: +5
to disarm: +0 to aim: +5 to parry: +7 to entangle:+0 Critical: 20
to dodge: +7 to balance:+0 Knock Our: 18+ to damage: +71 roll w/punch:+6
Death Blow: NA| APM: 7| to initiative:+2| pull a punch: +4|
|ARMOR: S.D.C. 400/ A. R. 16

SKILLS: pilot automobile, motorcycle, jetpack, helicopter, space fighter & space: AGV,
boxing, outdoorsmanship:+climbing & swimming, first aid, basic mechanics &
electronics, aircraft mechanics, radio: basic & scrambler, electronic counter
measures, read sensory equipment, weapon systems, WP: heavy, WP: throwing, business,
economics & trade, Speaks and literate in English, Japanese, Russian, French, Chinese
& Latin, wilderness survival, detect ambush, detect concealment, escape artist,
intelligence, sniper, streetwise, basic & advanced math, 0-G Combat.

UNUSUAL FEATURES: doesn’t need air to breath but has no sense of taste or smell as a result. Has scaly golden colored skin and is ambidextrous. Eyes: red with glowing yellow centers- Sith eyes
DISPOSITION: strong silent type, lone-wolf, cautious, brooding and introspective. Calm & level headed.
POWER AFFILIATION: Alien, got powers through Space exploration accident involving a meteorite.
APPEARANCE: basically human on Plarsek, only they all have red skin, pointed ears and they’re water benders.
GEAR: Very wealthy; has a jet, space ship and a tank. Cell phone- highest tech, & lap top- highest tech, also keeps an NGS2 survival kit on hand as well as a first aid kit and 20,000 dollars in cash & gems.
HOME WORLD: Thermo world (Plarsek)
WEAPONS: Plasma Ejectors- 6d6+6 damage, standard r.o.f., he needs the suit. 600’ range, has 4 clips of 30 shots each.
POWERS: (major): SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH: +35 PS, 1/10th fatigue-
|(minor 1): SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH: +25 PS, 1/4th fatigue-| |(minor 2): IMPERVIOUS TO FIRE: energy, plasma & electricity do 1/2 damage. |
On my planet, everyone controls water and lives underground. Growing up, I was no different. I was born in a military family- the Intergalactic Naval Admirals son to boot, and I have two older brothers and 2 younger sisters who all followed in the family’s neptistic preordained pattern. In other words, both my sisters married Naval Officers and are having babies like good little military wives do, while both of my brother enlisted in the service and both are actually now dead. They died fighting the Taur. I was the Black Sheep of the family. I was never interrested in being a soldier or an intergalactic sailor. I just wanted to fly. I loved flying more than anything else. As such, I grew up flying anything my father would let me (my fathers only point of pride) and was better than most of the military pilots our planet had to offer. For that reason, when the Admiral said he had a special, ‘civilian’ pilot mission that was right up my alley, I wanted to please him too badly to say no and readily agreed. Turns out, this mission was that I had to fly close enough to an incoming meteorite for an onboard scientist to collect the valuable radiation-type energy that it was emmitting. And I flew true, but the detail that no one knew, was that the meteorite was actually a Taur weapon and when I got that close to the metorite, I came under attack. The scientist died, my ship got totalled, and I managed to get to an EVAC suit and eject before dying in a fiery crash. Now, that didn’t get me out of the fire. Far from it. I ejected into the meteorite and had to hold onto it for dear life. Taur agents were inside the radioactive hunk of rock and came out to get rid of me. But, my only blessing that day, they were not trained at all in 0-G combat. I defended myself, and they all died when my attacks hurled them from the rock. I also found that I was able to, with my bare hands, attatch myself to the hunk of space rock with my bare hands. The meteorite- with it’s crew killed, spun out of control and away from where it could do any damage to our homeworld. None of this changed that fact that my own people didn’t rescue me for almost 2 days. And by that time, the damage had been done. They got me back and no sooner had I stripped off my very damaged EVAC suit then they put me in a giant rebirth chamber and started running tests. I was extremely strong now- TOO strong. Stronger than anything we’d ever come across. It also turned out that I was impervious to both fire and radiation. It also alters my physiology. I no longer possessed the senses of taste or smell. The trade off for which was I no longer needed to breathe … AT ALL. My cells had become independant bio-spheres, each generating their own oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. It also gave my waxy, scaley skin- which would explain why I naturally soaked up fire, heat and radiation. The freakish strength could not be accounted for, save for the fact that the energy from the meteorite had unlocked some deep hidden potential in exchange for my loosing my ability to control water. Needless to say, my father could not have been prouder that I had actually made something of myself and he not only prevented my being studied like a lab rat, but got me into the special forces branch of our Imperial Navy. That being the case, to prevent me from being chopped up and harvested by the powerful political forces of my home world, he also saw to it that I was assigned to study and protect a far away backwater planet. And thus, I came to earth and am sworn to protect it from the Taur. That is my primary mission. My secondary mission was to study earth and help prepare it’s people to become a fully fledged members of an intergalactic society. And after 5 years of peaceful living on Earth, the Taur have come here for what ever reason. I don’t care why they have come here. I am sure I will find out along the way. But what I do know is that I will protect this planet from the Taur or die trying.

Sun Crusher

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