Max "Powers" Powell

This is the long lost Super Soldier


Max has had lots of secrets that he has kept from the group; one especially is that he knew that ConGenex was behind something and that he is the famed Super Soldier.

When the adventure first started, Max had to make sure that these heroes were going to do the right thing and obey orders when needed. When he asked them to meet in Florida, he realized that there had not been enough trust established when he (Max) was compromised. The secret of the disappearance of Super Soldier had to come out. Now he is with the group feeding what he knows when he can but the group still struggles to trust him and Max knows that they will have to part ways.

Max’s project for a separate entity has go a.w.o.l. With the super beings creating their own nation, Max has turned to living a secluded life away from the spot light that was supposed to be his big return as Super Soldier. Perhaps the world is not ready or never was.


Max "Powers" Powell

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