Machine-Gun Harry

Mutant, capable of manipulating Chi energy and forming it into solid matter


Name: Ma-Xin-Gun Hei Ri a.k.a. “Machine-Gun Harry”
Race: Mutant Human
Unstable: Grows in Power with experience and age
Unusual Characteristics:
~ Metalic Silver Hair
~ Ambidexterous

Disposition: Wild man (Sometimes will charge into battle wearing just a metal thong…just because he CAN)

Simple Background: Grew up in the outskirts of Singapore, in a Middle to Upper Class Family. Mutant Abilities began manifesting in Harry’s early Teens. Harry loves to be left alone, requiring hours of solitude reserved for meditation. Harry has an extreme hatred toward the secret society that killed his mother. He is obsessed with finding out the missing pieces and finding out about his mother’s past.

HT: 5’8” Save vs. Magic +8
WT: 165 lbs Save vs. Poison +8
Age: 33 Save vs. Psionics +1
Birthday: 6/28/2012 Save vs. Insanity +1
Cash: $5000) Save vs. Coma/Death +38%
Level 4 Save vs. Potion +8
EP 13,600 Save vs. Illusion +1
Alignment: Scrupulous Save vs. Mind Control +1
HTH: Martial Arts Save vs. Possession +1
P.P.E 25 Save vs. Pain +8
SDC 100(280) Trust or Intimidate: 35%
HP 60(80) Charm & Impress: 10%
Attacks 6(7)
Attributes Combat Natural HTH Special
IQ 15 Strike +4 +5 (+6)
ME 16 Parry +5 +10 (+7)
MA 15 Dodge +4 +9 (+11)
PS 22(32) Roll +10 (+11)
PP 23 Pull (+2)
PE 38(43) Initiative (+1)
PB 12 Damage +7/8 (+23/24)
SPD 30(20.5 mph) Backflip +3
Rear Attack +2
Disarm (+2)
K.O. Natural 20 (with fists)
Incapacitate 18-20
Crush/Squeeze 1d4
Body Block/Tackle 1d4 (knock down)
Critical Strike Natural 19 & 20
Critical Strike from Behind
Attacks and Defense
Breakfall Handstand Cartwheel Roll
Maintain Balance Backflip Somersault Disarm
Knife Hand(1D6) Fore-Knuckle Fist(1D6) Backhand(1D4) Claw Hand(1D6)
Palm Strike(1D6) Automatic Roll Multiple Dodge Combo Parry/Attack

Spd in water: 9

Can carry 480 lb./ 240 kg; Can lift 960 lb./480 kg; Can carry max for 2 hours 28 min. (148 min.) Can carry max while fighting or running for 1 hour, 14 min. (74 min.) Can HOLD max weight for 39 melee rounds (9 min. 15 sec.) Can Run max speed (26.7 mph) for 39 min. Can survive 39 hours in a coma without medical treatment

Super Powers

Matter Expulsion: Silver Level 4
1. Silver Armor (Chi Gung)
Natural A.R. 15 (any attack equal to or below 17 does no damage
+8 to P.S.
+4 to P.E.
+20 to Hit Points
+180 SDC
+8 to damage
Can Parry blades and other weapons with one’s metal coated hands/arms
2. Shoot Silver Blades (Chakuri-Chi}
Range: 30 feet (lvl 4) +10 feet/level of experience
Damage: 1D6 per Level of Experience, can regulate in increments of 1D6
Duration: Instant and fades into thin air after 30 seconds
3. Create Silver Hand-Held Weapons (Chao Jin)
Range: Close combat or usual throwing range for that type of weapon
Damage: +3 more than usual for that weapon plus P.S. bonus
Duration: Remains as long as Harry wants it and keeps it on his person (ideally in his hand), otherwise it fades into thin air 30 seconds after it is thrown, dropped or put aside.
4. Encase in Silver (Shi Jin)
Range: Touch or 4 feet per level of experience
Damage: None unless the head is encased and no oxygen can get through. Most living creatures and humanoids suffocate and die with 1D6+3 minutes after their air supply is cut off. Furthermore, if supernatural beings who are vulnerable to silver are encased as above, they suffer 6D6 damage per melee round
Duration: 20 minutes per level of experience, but can be canceled and made to disappear upon Harry’s command
Small targets (size of a microwave) in 1-2 seconds (one melee attack)
Small target (gun or body part) in 2-5 seconds (2 melee attacks)
A.R. 15 and 30 SDC +10 points per level of experience (70 SDC) for small target
Larger targets (size of a love seat or 50 gallon drum) or half a human target in 3-6 seconds (still 2 melee attacks)
A.R. 13 and 20 SDC +10 points per level of experience (60 SDC) for larger targets
Encasing entire body (up to 10ft tall) or Large object (king-sized bed or small car) in 5-10 seconds (counts as 4 melee actions)
A.R. 11 and 10 SDC +10 per level of experience (50 SDC) for large targets
The metal weighs as much as a corresponding amount of steel (about 200lbs for a typical human body)
5. Create Silver Wall


Weightlessness (Karumi-Jutsu) Level 4
Harry can instantly reduce his weight to zero with no more than a thought (is done as a reflex action, so it does not take up an attack). Harry has mastered weightlessness and suffers no combat penalties from being weightless. He can also glide on air currents at speeds of 8-20 mph in light wind or at the speed of the wind in stronger gusts.
Bonuses when Weightless:
  1. Attacker’s punches, kicks, collisions and explosive force do half damage to the hero. The attacks just cause Harry to float away when struck. Falls do no damage at all.
  2. Zero Gravity Combat Skill: (Applies whenever in a Weightless state. Suffers no penalty when made weightless by the Gravity Manipulation power or by any other outside force)
    +1 attack per melee round
    +1 on initiative
    +1 roll with punch fall or impact
    +2 to Strike
    +2 to Parry
    +2 to Dodge
    +2 to Disarm
    +2 to Pull Punch
    Spd of 40 (27.3 mph)
    Note: In this case, however, punches, kicks and physical attacks from the weightless character do half normal damage. Does full damage as low as half his normal weight.
  3. Another advantage of being weightless or of a reduced weight is that the character can be easily carried, reduce his weight to make weight limit, and even be thrown (can land heavy and hard to inflict full damage…or as soft as a feather)
  4. Can Leap 360 feet across and 180 feet high while either at a reduced weight (less than 1/4 normal weight) or weightless
Shadow Stepping (The Art of Vanishing)Level 4
Ability to leap in and out of shadows as a sort of limited range, line of sight form of teleportation with various shadows being the final destination. The shadow must be at least four feet long and in line of sight.
Range: 120 feet (+30 per level of experience)
Duration: Instant, with each “Shadow Step” or “jump” counting as one melee action
Disintegration Punch (The Art of Breaking) (Special) Level 2
Range: Touch(Punch)
  • Against Living creatures (including magic and Supernatural): 3D6 directly to Hit Points
  • Against inanimate objects: 1D4x10 points of damage
    NOTE: Damage inflicted on living creatures heals three times slower than normal. Damage to inanimate objects cannot be repaired by conventional means. Disintegrated parts can be replaced.
Duration: Instant, each punch counts as two melee attack
Attacks per Melee: Each punch counts as two melee attack/action
Penalties: When directed at a living target, 5% (01-05%)chance that the effect reflects back at the Harry, damaging both the target AND Harry! Harry takes 2D6 points damage direct to Hit Points and +permanently loses one P.E. attribute point. Additionally, Harry has no bonus to strike when using this power (unmodified dice rolls only), due to the difficulty of focusing the destructive power.
Primary Skills Total % = Base % Bonus(LVL) Level
Basic Mathematics 95% = 45%+5 +25%(20%)
Chinese Literacy (Stage 3)
~ Cantonese & Mandarin
~ Read/Write basic info 98%
~ Modern literature/News 98%
~ Twentieth Century writing 98%
~ Decipher ancient writing 75% = 55%+5 (20%)
~ Learn new ideogram 75% = 55%+5 (20%)
Read/Write English 98%
Read/Write Malay 98%
Speak Chinese
~ Cantonese 98%
~ Mandarin 98%
Speak English 98%
Speak Malay 98%
Chinese Mythology 55% = 35%+5 (20%)
Pilot: Automobile 68% = 60%+2 (8%)
Fasting 70% = 54%+4 (16%)
Begging 38% = 30%+2 (8%)
HTH: Martial Arts Level 4
Acrobatics Level 4
~ Sense of Balance 98% = 60%+2(3*) +25%(20%*)
~ Walk Tightrope/Wire 97% = 60%+3 +25%(12%)
~ Climb Rope 98% = 70%+2(2*) +25%(16%*)
~ Back Flip 95% = 50%+5(2*) +25%(20%*)
~ Climbing 70% = 40%+0 +30*(0%) Level n/a
Gymnastics Level 4
~ See bonuses in Acrobatics
~ Work Parallel Bars/Rings 97% = 60%+3 +25%(13%)
Prowl 90% = 25%+5 +35%*(20%) Level 4
Boxing Level 4
Wrestling Level 4
Computer Operations 98% = 60%+5 +25%(20%) Level 4
Medical Doctor: Master’s Level Level 4
~ Diagnose 98% = 60%+5 +25(20%)
~ Medical Treatment 95% 50%+5 +25%(20%)
~Paramedicine 85% = 40%+5 +25%(20%)
~First Aid 90% = 45%+5 +25%(20%)
Pathology 85% = 40%+5 +25%(20%) Level 4
Biology 75% = 30%+5 +25%(20%) Level 4
~ Basic Anatomy/Physiology 75% = 30%+5 +25%(20%)
~ +1 Damage to Humanoid
Chemistry 55% = 30%+5 +5%(20%) Level 4
Holistic Medicine 50% = 20%+5 +10%(20%) Level 4
Secondary Skills Total % = Base % (LVL)
Athletics Level 4
Track & Field Level 4
Cooking 55% = 35%+5 (20%) Level 4
Dancing 50% = 30%+5 (20%) Level 4
Automotive Mechanics 50% = 25%+5 +5^(20%) Level 4
~ Hover Jet Systems 30% = 5%+5 +5^(20%) Level 4
~ Reactor Engines 10% = -15%+5 +5^(20%) Level 4
Wilderness Survival 50% = 30%+5 (20%) Level 4
Track Animals 40% = 20%+5 (20%) Level 4
~ Track Humans 20% = 20%+5 -20%(20%) Level 4
~ Tracking Chi Trail 40% = 20%+5 (20%) Level 4
~ Counter Tracking 20% = 20%+5 -20%(20%) Level 4
Identify Plants & Fruit 45% = 25%+5 (20%) Level 4
Swimming Advanced 70% = 50%+5 (20%) Level 4
Recognize Weapon Quality 45% = 25%+5 (20%) Level 4
~ Recognize Bo Staff Quality 65% = 25%+5 (40%) Level 4
~ Construct/Maintain Bo Staff 35% = 25%+5 (10%) Level 2
Sports: Soccer Level 2
Body Building Level 2
Weapon Proficiencies Strike Parry Other Bonus
Polearm +1 +2 +2**(Throw)
Short Sword +2 +2 +2**(Throw)
Targeting +2(Throw)
Expulsion Powers: Quickshot +1 7 Attacks
Paired Weapons
*Skill bonus provided by Acrobatics and Gymnastics
**Bonus from Track & Field
^Bonus from Ambidextrous nature

Combat Notes:
BREAKFALL: Also known as Ukemi, this is an advanced
version of Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact. The character takes no damage
if the Breakfall is successful, and only half damage if the roll
for Breakfall fails. Can also be used against a knockdown attack.
A successful roll against knock-out means the character takes normal
damage, but is not stunned. Note: The Breakfall uses up one melee
attack each time it is used.

COMBINATION PARRY/ATTACK: Against one opponent, once per
melee round, the character can simultaneously parry and attack.
First, the character must roll a successful parry. If the parry works,
then the character rolls to strike by using either a Backhand, Knife
Hand, or Palm Strike, or a hand weapon. No Strike or Damage
bonuses allowed. The victim of a Combination Parry/Attack must
use a melee round action to defend against it (Automatic Parry won’t
work). Uses up one melee attack/action.

SOMERSAULT (NEW!): This is an escape maneuver used to get
in or out of combat range. If used in place of a character’s attack,
it means the character can move into combat range or leave the
combat area. If used instead of a Parry or Dodge, it means that the
character must roll over the attacker’s Strike, and use only the bonus
to Somersault. Success means avoiding the attack and rolling out
of combat range. Failure to beat the Strike means taking full damage
without a chance to Roll with Punch.

Experience Table:
1 0000 – 2050
2 2051 – 4100
3 4101 – 8250
4 8251 – 16,500
5 16,500 – 24,600
6 24,601 – 34,700
7 34,701 – 49,800
8 49,801 – 69,900
9 69,901 – 95,000
10 95,001 – 130,100
11 130,101 – 180,200
12 180,201 – 230,300
13 230,301 – 280,400
14 280,401 – 340,500
15 340,500 – 400,600

Machine Gun Harry

Machine-Gun Harry was born to Bao Tsu and Mei Li of the Gun family in Singapore. Born on the day of a total eclipse, his mother knew there was something special about him. She named him Harry, “Black Sun”’ as a token of good fortune. Bao Tsu superstitiously objected to the name wanting something more humble or ugly, like Submissive Wart or Lowly Toadstool, which traditionally warded away demons and other underlings of the Yama Kings. He silently allowed it, maybe to get back at the ancestors for giving him the name “Damned Chinese Take-out Box” (He officially changed the characters to mean “Leopard of Greatness” as soon as he arrived at the age that the city magistrate would allow him)

Mei Li was a loving mother. Every night, at Harry’s bedside she would spin elaborate tales of adventures and mystic heroes, battles between good and evil. She implanted in young Harry a sense of right and wrong from a very young age. His favorite was the brave Nu Bai Xian Hu, the “The White Tigress of Eternity” who drew her strength from a sacred Peach tree hidden away in the secluded valley of Wu Pan. When Harry was not at school he preferred playing alone in his mother’s garden around her solitary prized peach tree pretending he was a great warrior protecting the White Tigress’ Sacred Peach Tree of Eternity from those who would destroy her power.

Bao Tzu was a very stern father and disciplinarian. He ran his home much like he ran his factory, with strict rules to maintain discipline and honor. He owned and ran the world’s largest wooden staff manufacturer, shipping out tens of thousands of high quality Bo Staffs from Singapore harbor to all over the world. The factory had been in is family since the Ching Dynasty. Harry had heard him talk about it in many disciplinary lectures. He would say things like, “Harry Son, you are a Gun! And like the staff that we take our name from we are straight and correct. We do not bend; we are firm in our traditions and rules. A bent Gun is a worthless Gun.” He would go on and on for hours like that. One time Bao Tzu lecture Harry for four straight hours just for leaving the door open. Bao Tzu envisioned Harry would take over the family business one day. Harry had other plans.

While viewing a handful of YouTube videos, Harry came across one that depicted a kung fu battle secretly filmed on a low-quality camera phone; entitled, “Funny Dog Boxer Take Down”. The moves of one fighter were so bizarre and interesting. He couldn’t help but laugh when first seeing them. But as he reviewed it several times it began to intrigue him. One minute the fighter was knocked to the ground whimpering in pain looking badly hurt; the next minute he whirls around on the floor and lays his opponent flat. The next day he tried to show his best friend, but the video had been mysteriously taken down. He needed to find out more about this mysterious martial art.

He went to his high school librarian, an ancient looking man that walked with bad knees and a slumped-over back, Mr. Xing Tse. Mr. Xing seemed to know everything. Harry later learned that Mr. Xing was really a K’uo Ch’uang master. He was not crippled at all. It was all part of the rouse related to K’uo Ch’uang Kung Fu. Mr. Xing offered to teach Harry for a price. To his father’s delight, Harry asked to work at the Gun Bo Staff factory. He got a job sweeping floors in the evening. He did not tell him his reasons. Bao Tzu just thought he was taking an interest in the business.

He began studying K’uo Ch’uang Kung Fu when he was just 11 years old. When he was not at school or at the factory he was with Master Xing Tse. The first thing he learned was how to lose a fight but not get hurt. This was kind of weird to him to not be taught to win. This taught him to be tough. He picked up the skills very quickly. He would practice also at the factory when all the workers had gone home. Harry began to excel at school and school sports. His father was proud of him for these qualities; but Harry continued to keep his kung fu a secret from him and his mother.

Shortly after Harry’s 13th birthday, he noticed something extraordinary. While he was practicing a particularly hard ground sweep and roll at the factory he rolled into a shadowy area next to a work bench. Suddenly, he was across the room rolling out of a darkened corner! What had happened? He tried doing it again and found the same results. He could step into a shadow and come out of any shadow in the factory.

Harry showed Master Xing. Master Xing had heard about an ancient art of vanishing, but knew this was beyond a mere ninja’s trick of illusion. He believed Harry was literally creating himself into pure dark Chi energy for a brief second, traveling through a Chi flow, then reforming his mass into solid matter again. Master Xing was impressed. He had heard of an ancient line of Chi Masters that had such abilities, but thought their descendants died out after the Li Dynasty.

Under Xing Tse’s guidance Harry learned that he uncannily possessed other abilities. He could take the Chi that was around him and condense it down into a hard metal substance. He found that with the right concentration and time he could encase a complete object in this Chi Metal. With practice he began to create objects completely constructed of Chi Metal. This advanced to weaponry, with increasing quality. He also found that he could form the metal in thin, but hard, plates all over his body providing armor. When the metal was not being handled by Harry he found that it quickly returned back to a Chi state. Another extraordinary talent was accelerating a chi flow, and then using his body as a conduit he would suddenly condense it into metal. The result was a single bullet-like missile that would fly from his hand through the air at sub-sonic speeds. In the beginning, it took him about 15 seconds to accelerate the chi fast enough to make the bullet fly with enough momentum to shot through a 2×4. Slowly, his efficiency increased. He later mastered shaping the bullet into a blade as well, much like a throwing knife.

Harry also noticed that as he was physically maturing his hair began to be replaced by new hairs that were imbued with Chi Metal giving it a silver metallic color. Eventually all his hair was replaced. This was difficult to hide from his parents. He told them it was the new style at school. His dad was angry and began his lecture on what it means to be a Gun, again. Luckily his mom saved him; she convinced his dad that it was only a fad that he would grow out of. She gave Harry’s father a kiss reassuring things would be all right. Harry’s father always melted around Mei Li. As she was kissing him, Harry saw her wink back at Harry. It was at that moment that he felt she knew more about his secret than she was revealing.

Harry continued practicing kung fu with Master Xing Tse and the other Kuo Ch’uan Masters at the Ma Xin daojang, or school of martial arts. The Maxinists were a proud long line of Kuo Ch’uan teachers and spiritual leaders. In fact, due to their secretive nature of Kuo Ch’uan Kung Fu, the Maxinists were the last of the great wushu masters that still taught the secret art. Under the tutelage of Master Ji Huang Su, Harry tapped into his ability to defy gravity. Using the ambient chi around him, Harry learned to use it to lift himself in mid air, literally defying gravity. Under the teaching of Master Yang Fei, Harry learned to tap into negative chi and cause it to swirl around an opponent causing them to forget basic training skills or to fumble around, an interesting jinxing ability.

At a school party during Harry’s Sophomore year of High School, Harry met a gorgeous girl. She looked like she was in college. She showed complete interest in Harry. Pretty soon they end up in one of the back rooms. They just chat all night. She asks Harry about everything. At that moment Harry felt he was on top of the world. She asked about his childhood. He told her about his stupid games he played around his mom’s peach tree. He told her all about his mom’s stories of the White Tigress of Eternity. The night seemed to be going so well. Then, suddenly she kissed him on the forehead and told him it just wouldn’t work out between the two of them. She left. Wow! What a confidence builder and heartbreaker all in one night.

After a tough day at the daojang with the masters’ training, Harry returned his parent’s home. He found evidence of a break-in and a struggle. He heard a commotion in the garden. He ran in horror. He found his dad first in the kitchen; the house was in disarray; furniture was tipped over and broken. Bao Tsu was found under a fallen bookshelf. He was unconscious, but alive. He rushed outside finding first his mother’s peach tree in splinters. Smoke was rising from the trunk. The bark was blackened and the leaves had all fallen to the ground. The shock of seeing the tree in this state froze him for a second. He regained awareness of what was going on when his mother screamed weakly, “Don’t hurt him!”

Harry looked to the back part of the garden. He saw a brutish man ripping with muscles wearing a Mo’dong Demon mask, worn anciently by disgraced, master-less warriors during the early Li Dynasty. Painted in blood red on the mask from brow to chin was an ancient Chinese character Harry was unfamiliar with. The intruder wielded a heinously large and jagged black ebony blade in one hand, and Harry’s mother by the throat in the other.

“You are powerless now Tigress! You were a formidable foe, but after two millennia your life ends today.” The Mo’dong warrior thrust the blade through her sternum, and out the right scapula, severing the spinal cord. He dropped her body, which hit the ground with a deafening thud; then turned, and walked away.

“NOOOOOOO!” Harry ran to his mother’s dying body. She was still alive, but bleeding out fast. Her aorta was also severed and her lungs were punctured. Tears were in her eyes.

“Harry, son, I am sorry!”
“No, mom! I should have….”
“Harry, please listen to me! I should have told you before about who I really am.”
“I will go get help.”
“No, no Harry! I only have a little more time. Around my neck is a key. Take it, you will…”

Those were her last mortal words to Harry.

Harry took the key. His pulse was pounding. His breathing was fast and heavy. He began to tremble and the rage took over. He leapt over the garden stone wall, and raced after his mother’s killer. He could sense the killer’s dark chi. He followed the scent all the way to the freighter docks. He confronted the killer. The rage was so strong, now.

“You MURDER!!” The chi blew through Harry’s body with a thunderous roar. The quantity and velocity was a hundred times more than Harry had ever done before. Thousands of metal bullets flew from his hands tearing up wooden crates and embedding into the metal freights. The massive machine-gun-like force knocked the Mo’dong masked murderer on to his back.

“Her kid is a #@$%ing mutant! Oh, I am going to enjoy this.” He chuckled.

Harry charged the brute. His metal plates formed instinctively to parry his opponent’s blows with his blade. Harry could feel negative chi being pulled from the darkness all around him and collecting inside him. The brute raised his sword and placed a blow right on to Harry’s chest. Harry rolled back deflecting most of the blow. He lay on the ground whimpering like an injured puppy. The brute began to laugh, coming closer to finish the job.

“You put up quite a resistance, boy. But, I thought you would be more of a challenge. Instead, you are crying like a hurt pup, just like your bi&$h mum did.” The brute raised his blade in execution-style. As he drove the blade down, Harry recovered instantly from his feint, rolled into a shadow, reappearing just to the side of his opponent. Harry’s fist met the brute square in the face catching him off balance from the force of his downward strike into thin-air. The entire collected negative chi left Harry’s hand in a disintegrating blast. The blast knocked the brute off his feet. He flew back, hit the dock, and rolled off falling nearly 50ft into the harbor.

The darkness hid the splash. Harry could not tell if his quarry was still alive. He picked up the broken mask that lay on the dock. The right side was completely gone. Most of the unfamiliar character was still there in blood red. He held the unbroken side wanting to crush it. He raised it in the air and cried (for real this time).

The next few years of Harry’s life were one’s he does not care to relive. His father suffered a stroke from his injuries that fatal day. He also suffered from mental trauma that the doctors said he would never recover from. Harry knew that a piece of his father died that day with his sweetheart. Harry found that the key his mother insisted he have went to an ornate, very antique jewelry box. The key was also a curio in and of itself. It was shaped from a piece of jade into the form of a dragon. Where the eyes should have been there were just two holes.

In opening the jewelry box, Harry hoped to find answers. Instead he found more questions. The box was filled with pearls. There was an assortment of all shapes, colors and sizes. There were a few very hold photographs showing his mother (as young as the day she died) standing with a group of other people. He did not recognize the location in photos, but none of them looked at all like any parts of Singapore that he knew of. The only other item was a dried peach pit seed that was wrapped in a silken cloth. The cloth was beige in color and had a Chinese embroidered character that again Harry did not recognize.

During the time of the Super Hero Registration, Harry supported the bill presented to the Syndicate of Interdependent Asian Municipalities (SIAM). Even though he was a super being he saw himself as an upstanding world citizen. He also made a vow that he would never use his super powers again. He believed that they were the reason for his mother’s death. He supported creating a database where he hopefully could access in order to track down those involved with his mother’s murder.

After high school Harry studied to become an EMT/Paramedic and nurse in order to save lives. In the back of his mind he felt that if he knew more about medicine and healing he could have saved his mother. Although, rationally he knew this was not true. He also felt that it was the best way to care for his father. After completing nursing school and a two-year internship with an Oriental medicine guru, Harry heard the news of the Taur invasion. He wanted to help so he enlisted as a field nurse and officer in the SSAF (Singapore Sydicate Armed Forces.

Harry saw the effects of the Taur’s horrible brutality first hand. Even though he was aiding the wounded he still felt he was not doing his part. Many times he wanted to break his vow to take up his powers and aid in the battle. But this did not happen until two days before his leave of duty to return home to visit his ailing father, Harry saw the news report that the Taur had savagely demolished the convalescence home where his father resided. On the day of his leave he got the letter from the Department of Condolence (the killing rate was so high during the Taurian War that a full SIAM government department was dedicated to dealing with all the war related deaths) confirming his father’s death.

While on leave Harry visited the Ma Xin daojang. He found the temple had been laid flat, and all the masters dead save his teacher Master Xing Tse. Master Xing told Harry that the Ma Xin Masters had sent him away to find an ancient Wushu artifact that would aid in banishing the Taur. Master Xing failed in his mission returning empty-handed, and too late to even aid in battling off the Taur from destroying his brethren at the Ma Xin Temple. Master Xing told Harry he was going away in self-exile, taking a vow of silence. Before he left, he gave Harry 3 scrolls. One scroll contained Ma Xin prophecies written by Masters Feng Lau and Shih Pan. One of Feng Lau’s writings foretold the coming of the Taur. Unfortunately, Harry is unfamiliar with most of the characters in this scroll (knows about 15% of the characters in this scroll). The second scroll is all the knowledge collected by Master Gung Dao a famous Kuo Ch’uan demon hunter, which lists over 10,000 demons and supernatural monsters. The last was the Tao of Ma Xin containing all the philosophies and wushu arts of Kuo Ch’uan Kung Fu. With presenting the last scroll Master Xing Tse names Gun Harry as a master in the Ma Xin daojong.

As a Kuo Ch’uan master Ma Xin Gun Harry returned from leave with a plan. He signed up to go to the front lines. He faked his death using Shadow Stepping as a huge blast appeared as though it blow his body to smithereens. Free from the bounds of the SSAF, he took on his first persona, the Silver Dragon. As the Silver Dragon he began to fight the Taur with vengeance. Disguised behind a mask made of Chi Silver (ironically resembling that of a Mo’dong warrior) Harry rose up as a wild freedom fighter. Quickly, other Supers joined him taking on other names of the Chinese Shengxiao: Jade Rabbit, Mandrill, Brazen Ox, Red Boar, Coiled Serpent, Cockatrice, Iron Rat, and the Imperial Horseman. They fought the Taur with fury. After three long years the war began to break. As Harry looked back on his country and countrymen, all he saw was destruction. SIAM had nearly fallen, returning to independent metropolis states. The Shengxiao warriors disbanded (those who survived).

Harry in a state of despair went to Singapore Harbor where he had vanquished the Mo’Dong warrior. His mind in turmoil, he fell into a trance to escape. His body became weightless and was carried away out to sea by a strong sea breeze. A silver tinsel-thin sheet acted as a sail. Mindlessly and aimlessly, Harry continued to drift. Days turned to weeks. His body became emaciated and thin from days of fasting. Finally, Harry reached a foreign shore. He collapsed on the beach. He heard footsteps approaching him. He looked up into the shadow of a figure. As his eyes adjusted to the bright lite background, he focused on what he recognized as The White Tigress. Her face changed. No, dont go! The figure was not a woman, but a man. The man was wearing a mask. At first Harry was reminded of the Mo’Dong Warrior, but no the man did not have the stature of a warrior. His presence was calming. The figure speaks, “I am Mhoram; we are here to help.” Harry then collapses from complete fatigue and exhaustion…

…Suddenly, Harry awakes again! His mind is confused, but he feels more clear and alert. He is sitting on a mat. He is in front of his master, Xing Tse. Master Xing is also sitting lotus style on the mat; his master’s eyes are closed . They are both in the temple of Ma Xin. The temple is somehow restored. Or is it untouched? Master Xing’s eyes open. “What did you see?” Harry is perplexed by this question, but instinctively relates all that has passed. Harry begins to realize that he has seen a glimpse of things that are to come. They have seemed so real. It is hard for Harry to separate between what is real and what was a vision. He thinks, Why can I not remember entering into meditation with Master Xing? Recalling this memory is painful for Harry. After a few questions from Master Xing, Harry realizes that he is physically in the time prior to the invasion of the Taur; three days before to be precise!

He needs to warn the World! Where did it all begin? Tokyo, yes! He jumps up and races towards the door. “Harry, son!” Master Xing Tse calls. Harry turns back around. “Do not forget these.” Xing Tse holds out a leather rucksack. Harry takes a few steps towards his master and takes the gift. “Thank you, Master.” “You are welcome, Master Gun.” Master Gun? But that didn’t happen until after the invasion. Harry opens the satchel as he briskly leaves the daojang. Inside are the three scrolls given to him by Xing Tse in his vision. Was it real?

Within the hour, Harry has a boarding pass in his hand from SIAM-Air International. He is on a plane bound for Tokyo. He is unclear what he is going to do. He doesn’t know the full validity of the vision; but he is compelled that it is real. He keeps thinking about each of the events. Did they really happen? And who was that mysterious masked figure that was trying to help me? What was his name again? Menorah? Manitoba? Moron? No wait, Mhoram! What did he have to do with everything? As the plane takes off from the runway. Harry realizes something. My dad is still alive! The old woman next to him hands Harry a tissue. Harry notices that he is crying. This is for you, Dad!

NOTE: SIAM is the massive world power that arose from all the Asian countries around 2015. Most Asian population resided in powerful and large metropolises. These metropolises formed a senate-like body creating a massive super power. The major Municipalities are Hong Kong, Beijing, Saigon, Tai Pei, Singapore…, etc.

Machine-Gun Harry

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