Iron Enforcer

Anarchist Bounty Hunter / Pro-Mutant Registration / Anti-Superbeing Activist


Character So Far
IQ 7
ME 14
MA 11
PS 9
PP 6
PE 14
PB 9
Speed 12

Budget (Rolled 85) $15 Million
Power Armor Suit
Height: 9 feet
Weight: one ton

Sponsoring Organization (rolled 27): Private Industry
Status (Rolled 82): Runaway. The robot is considered stolen.
Quality: (Rolled 38) Prototype
Reinforced Frame $900,000

Power Supply: Microfusion Power System ($5.3 million)
Human Sized legs and feet $500,000
Human Sized Arms and hands $300,000 + 120,000 (PS 30)
Micro Radar $250,000

Turbo Jet Engine $250,000 + $1,000,000 for altitude 20,000 + $175,000 for Mach 1 Speed
Jump Jets 100 foot up and 200 foot across; $90,000
Advanced Audio $390,000
-Basic Listening Sytem (At 70 feet can hear a whisper)
-C.B. Radio signal listener Range: 50 miles
Advanced Robot Optic System $425,000
-Color vision
-3-D analysis
-night vision 2000 feet
-infrared 2000 feet
-ultralight vision 2000 feet

Wrist Blaster
Range: 660 feet
Damage: 3D6
Energy Capacity: Unlimited
Rate of Fire: Each attack counts one attack
Bonus: +1 to strike

Mini Laser
Range: 300 feet
Damage: 5D6
Rate of Fire: Each shot counts as one attack
Energy Capacity: 10 rounds per clip
Bonus: +4 to strike

Small Missile Launcehr Pod
Range: 1200
Damage: 2D6X10
Rate of Fire: 2 missles before reload

Grenade Launcer (40MM Granade Launcher)
Range: 3000 feet
Rage of Fire: Two per round
Capacity: 20
Damage: 2D4X10 (explosive granades)

Minature Gatling Styled Gun
Cartridge: 7.62 mm 600 round belts
Range: 3000 feet
Damage: 5D6

Body Armor 900 SDC
AR Rating 15

Telemental Helmet $900,00
Pressurized Cabin $200,000
Underwater Capabilities $300,000
Locking Joints $100,000

Total Cost: 14.048 million


Little is known about the Iron Enforcer. All that is know is that he is human, he hates mutants and supers beings, and he is on the run from the government. As a bounty hunter for hire (and fun) he has attempted to elude the sponcering organization for several months now. It is uncertain where or not he is still being chased as the government has taken a liking to his work and have hired him. Perhaps the sponcers will approache the government about their wayward employee and their missing gear.

The Iron Enforcer hunts down “supers” and he is damn good at his job. He will do just about anything to get his man. It is rumored that several mutants have died or been hospitalized at his hands when they resisted him, however no one knows for sure. His work is never reported in the papers and he seems to have a license to kill care of Uncle Sam.

He has shown no real morals as to who’s side the mutant is on. He wants them all locked in a cage. The government has given him some helpers, the MTF (mutant task force). These men in black are active hunters for the government and to have this arganaut is a big asset.

The hunt has been on for the past three years. Mutants around the country have learned one thing for certain and that is that if you hear that the Iron Enforcer is looking for you, the chances are he is already standing behind you.

Iron Enforcer

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