Chris Smith aka "Gravitron"

Unprincipled Young Adult / Ex-Military / Anti-Hero


Name Chris Smith, “Gravitron”

Race: Human
Land of Origin: United States

HT 6’2“ Save vs Potion +0
WT 200lbs Save vs spell +4
PPE 40 Save vs Psionic +0
HP 159 Save vs toxin +0
SDC 249 Save vs poison +4
Level 5 Save vs Drugs +0
Save vs Insanity +0
Save vs poss. +0
Birthday 2011 Save vs horror +0
HTH:Martial Arts Save vs coma/death +32%
Cash: $10000 Save vs pain +0
Alignment Unscrupulous Save vs illusion +0
Trust or Intimidate: 0% Save vs. mind control +0

Note: after slash, pipe will delineate: not flying|flying slow|flying over 80 mph

Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus
IQ 19 Strike +6 ( +12 Thrown)
ME 6 Parry +9
MA 9 Dodge +6
PS 57 Roll +6
PP 14 Pull +3
PE 22 Initiative +3
PB 9 Damage +42
SPD 40 Attacks 9

Super Powers
Major Powers
Gravity Manipulation

Minor Powers
Super Human Strength
Manipulate Kinetic Energy

Weapon Proficiencies Modern Aim Burst
Automatic/Semi-Automatic Rifle 3 1
Sword 2 (Strike) 2 (Parry)
(3)Holy Sword 2d6
Weapon Proficiencies Ancient Strike
Heavy Thrown 3
Targeting 3


Weapon Damage
Weapon Name Here Weapon Damage Here


Primary Skills Base % Bonus % Growth % Total %
Climbing 45% 20% 5% 85%
Military Etiquette 40% 15% 5% 75%
Radio: Basic 50% 15% 5% 85%
Detect Ambush 35% 15% 5% 70%
Intelligence 36% 15% 4% 67%
Wilderness Survival 35% 15% 5% 70%
Forgery 25% 15% 5% 60%
Disguise 30% 15% 5% 65%
-Sense of Balance 50% 10% 3% 72%
-Walk Tight Rope or High Wire 60% 10% 3% 82%
-Climb Rope 70% 10% 2% 88%
-Back Flip 70% 10% 2% 88%
-Prowl 30% 10% 0% 40%
-Climb 40% 15% 0% 55%

Skill bonuses not otherwise recorded:
Boxing: Auto KO on natural 20

Secondary Skills Base % Bonus % Growth % Total %
Body Building
First Aid 50% 5% 5% 75%
Prowl 30% 5% 5% 55%
Pilot: Airplane 54% 5% 4% 75%
Pick Locks 35% 5% 5% 60%
Performance (Level 3) 25% 5% 5% 40%
W.P. Sword NA NA NA NA
Juggling (Lvl 4) 35% 5% 5% 50%
Spacecraft (Lvl 4) 50% 5% 5% 60%

Additional Inventory:
Honda, Hero Suit (Air Tight 30 min rebreather) Hardened Ceramics -5% to Prowl SDC 35 AR 14, 5 Squash Balls, Helmet (Radio, Thermo Imager Range 1600 Ft, Air Tight 30 min rebreather), MegaWatch, 3 Holy Swords, Master Cylinder Pants


Chris Smith was born in California to a local police man and a school teacher. In his early years Chris soon learned he had the power to manipulate gravity. He found this one day when he was angered by his father. After slamming his door shut, he looked outside of his window at his neighbor’s gazebo, that was always an eyesore. As soon as his door slammed, the gazebo looked as if it was ready to collapse from some great weight and collapse it did. Over time Chris used this new found ability to manipulate his environment. Most importantly himself. He often times focused his powers to train himself to be much stronger and quicker. While everyone was enjoying their normal gravity, Chris was pushing his body to the limits in 3 times natural gravity. Over time he became extremely strong. While Chris was working out with what appeared to be 5 lb dumbbells to the average eye, he was lifting 100 lb dumbbells in reality. (Hardened skin and Super strength)
After high school, Chris joined the military and served 4 years, he was honorably discharged. During this time he fine tuned his body, while keeping his powers under control and secret. However, this would all change when Chris was taking his girlfriend out on a date. During the date, Chris and his girlfriend were held up by two armed muggers. After events escalated a bit, one of the muggers shot Chris’ girlfriend badly injuring her. In rage Chris focused his maximum ability on the two muggers. The first who was standing over a storm grate, became so heavy he was sliced into cubes as he fell through the grate. The second was then looked to be squished by a huge amount of force as if a 12000 lb weight (weight of guy 240 lbs) was placed upon the man. Chris then called for an ambulance and rushed his girlfriend to the hospital. There she remained in critical care for several days. She is now doing much better, however Chris is not. He has become so angered that it is time for justice to be done so that innocents are no longer hurt. Nothing will stand in Chris’ way and it is time for him to take on a new identity to bring about this justice.

Several bodies have appeared in crushed manners, but others have been beaten to a pulp. It seems that the gangs once thought to be untouchable in the area are now cowering in fear. Police on the other hand know that someone or something seems to be taking law into their own hands and they do not like it one bit. Who has the right to decide who lives and who dies?

Some of the gangs claim to have seen a masked man walking around gang hideouts before they are hit. He seems to be wearing a black ski mask and average street clothes. Others say he just wears regular hoodies. No one knows who this person is, but gangs have locked themselves in doors. Some have even resorted to turning themselves in rather than becoming a gooey paste on the pavement. All they really know is that it is now a good time to go on the straight and narrow.

Chris has slowly been taking the law into his own hands by taking out local gang members and hideouts and he continues to stay one step ahead of the police thanks to his father, the chief of police. Chris’ father would come home and often talk about this mysterious case that he is currently working on with a special task force. It appears that gang members are becoming splattered to the pavement in a similar fashion as one might be in a heavily gravitated area. Thus the nickname “Gravitron” due to the local fairground ride has stuck to the killer in the case as well as the paper.
Unfortunately for Chris’ father, Chris was able to examine any leads that the police had and adapt his methods to throw off any general population or correlational data that may point to a person such as himself. He often struck around the clock to make the guesses almost impossible to pinpoint to one social group such as students or night vigilantes or what not. This seemed to work until one day Chris’ father told his family that they should stay in doors during the next few weeks as rumors of the Iron Enforcer are coming to the ears of the police officers. It appears that this case has grabbed the attention of the government and they want a quick resolution to this problem.
Will Chris make it out alive?

To top it all off someone claims to know his secret identity. Was Chris to careless with his hiding. All he knows is that a Max Pulse demands he appear in Detroit next week for a special meeting. To protect his family and friends, Chris obliges by taking a road trip to Michigan.

After the events of the Mutant Uprising.

Gravitron finds that the world he helped create soon forgot about him. Action gave way to politics and politics gave way to indecisiveness. The now frustrated Gravitron separates from this sad excuse of a government to rejoin with the Mutant underground. He takes with him several followers, while keeping others in the Xeno nation to keep tabs on them. The most important person to leave with him is none other than his soon to be wife, Lashes. With the help of Lashes he was able to help bring some order to the orderless mutant underground by forming his own organization of the Mutant Brotherhood. Here he lived the life. Friends and family were his top concern and any mutant was a family. Soon though his family was to grow by two. He is now a proud father of two a boy and a girl, who happen to be twins. After only a year of leaving the Xeno nation, a friend reentered his life, Mhoram! He soon joined the mutant family and quickly became the awkward Uncle Mhoram. Things were grand till the invasion. It all went downhill from there. Mhoram and Gravitron took up arms against many Taur leading a resistance against them. It went fine except their friends and family began dwindling. It was evident that a rescue mission was of the utmost important. With Gravitron aiding his wife and kids in finding a safehouse, Gravitron set off with Mhoram to save friends and family. Only this time they somehow got captured. Was it by luck or on purpose? Only the two know.

Chris Smith aka "Gravitron"

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