Eva Finklebottom

Name Eva Finklebottom
Alias: Unknown
Rank N/A
Race Human
Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus (Current blessing/curse)
IQ 11 Strike N/A (+)
ME 19 Parry N/A (+)
MA 21 Dodge N/A (+)
PS 35 Roll N/A (+)
PP 16 Pull N/A (+)
PE 12 Initiative N/A (+)
PB 19 Damage N/A
Spd 34 Attacks N/A
Perception N/A
Trust or Intimidate: 0%
Charm and Impress 40%

Image provided by http://www.mynewhair.info/platinum/

Eva has been the on/off girlfriend of Mohram. She is sweet and travels a lot. There has been close times where the relationship would of gone to the next level but she always turns him down and then leaves to let it cool down.

She pretends to be clumsy, weak and slow but has shown a agility, strength and speed when Mohram has needed rescuing. When she has gotten angry the Horror Factor of 13 with a red eyed flair (?) has come through but nothing serious.

Eva Finklebottom

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