The Longest Save

A ship the size of a city almost hit Tokyo. Good thing we put it in the ocean.

It seems like every time I go out and do anything to help this planet; I get a million answers to a million questions. The problem is, I always seem to have a million and one questions to start.

That being said, the rescue of (<<xx>>) was not and is not the disaster certain governments and powerful agents of industry have mad it out to be.

But I like to be the eternal optimist. So a city sized vessel almost hit Tokyo. We saw it coming from our own ship (property of [<<xx>>]) and successful intervened.

For my part-

Oh, please excuse my rudeness.

My name is Sun Crusher, and I have been assigned to defend the planet Earth from the Taur by the Intergalactic Military of Plarsek (it much resembles the planet Mercury, only it has substantial live forms and advanced technology. My people are, in a word, awesome).

Having been assigned to watch over a protect the planet, I have been doing such from my private island. It resided outside an Earth Territory known as California. According to them it used to be a prison. I got a really sweet deal on the place. Apparently, a prison that’s also a tourist attraction just wasn’t bringing in the crowds. But when I turned it into a hot spring day spa, I couldn’t print my own money faster than people were giving it to me.

And I didn’t even change the name. It is still called the Rock.

But enough of me and my business.

I met with some associates of mine, with whom I share a special common bond (that bond being that we’re all from ten years into the future where nearly everything was destroyed) and they are, in so special or specific order: Graitron, Rebirth, Mhoram Haslip, and Blue Bomber. It was while they were here, enjoying my hospitality, that we detected an incoming ship.

At first we thought it was a meteorite bound for the city of Tokyo on an Isle known as Japan. Thus, we boarded our own ship and set off to do something about it.

It must be noted that I made sure that everyone took a towel.

You earthlings just don’t get this. It is good interstellar common sense to never leave without your towel and always make sure you have your towel. But every time I bring this up, everyone just laughs. I’ll have to look into this one day.

Also, I would like to thank ‘Rebirth’ and ‘Gravitron’ for letting me pilot the mission and I have to give both of them credit because neither of them made it clear just whose ship we were flying in.


We flew out there- way fun because it’s a interstellar ship, designed for space flight. And in order to get there in time, we had to leave the atmosphere to use the sub-atomic flight engines, and then re-enter the earth’s atmosphere over Japan. So, we went straight up at about 10g’s and them came straight down doing the same. The ships internal gyroscope and aux-grav adjust prevented us from being harmed by the physics of such maneuvering, making it the greatest roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on.

So, over Tokyo is when we figured out two things: 1- not a meteorite; a ship and Taur ship at that. And 2- we’re not the only one’s out here doing something about it.
Graviton acted first and sailed on outside to do something about the incoming ship. Rebirth followed suit to do the math on the situation, with Blue Bomber on his heels, but he was just interested in improving his tan and playing video games.

Can’t say I blame him, we did arrive a little early for the catastrophe.

I stayed in the captain’s chair and made sure to keep an eye on everyone there. One the ground, some things were happening, but mostly just people taking pictures and panicking. The other ship in the area, also here to investigate the incoming object proved more interesting as the agents on board seemed to already know a little about what was coming and had sent an investigator to find out more.

I learned all of this when Rebirth opened a channel to the ship and pretty much demanded that he either leave or turn himself over to us. They enjoyed some spirited insult trading a while before Rebirth simply flew down there (using his ‘human torch’ trick) and kidnapped him.

Thankfully it wasn’t a kidnapping, or if it was, the agent knew that there was nothing he could do about it, and I made sure to open a door on our own vessel so that they could come in.

The rest, I have already said. I met him- name was Machinegun Harry and he was very pleasant despite our hostile actions towards him.

The next thing to happen would be the ship coming at us and it was in no shape to fly. What was left of this intergalactic behemoth sure as salt wasn’t space worthy. The massive thing had to be crewed by thousands, and an impact from such a vessel anywhere on our world would be catastrophic.

Unless you have a Gravitron.

Which we did and it was awesome.

His control of the gravitonic wells of this planet is … unbelievable. Not only did he reduce the mass of the ship to 1/10 of what it would be otherwise, but he also successfully redirected it. Tokyo was spared and the great transport vessel crashed harmlessly into the ocean.

I piloted over to the wreckage, which Gravitron was also kind enough to haul ashore and we all then made for the survival search.

But before we could do something important (like saving lives) Rebirth decides to get into a fight with the local Japanese Government over possession of a possibly dangerous aline craft. Which I believe ended in us, for the good of all, taking the ship away to a deserted Isle instead of cracking it open on Japanese shores.

Mhoram pulled this off as I recalled. A fine diplomat, if a little spacey and unfocused (but he’s a wizard so that’s his right) but he not only resolved this problem with the Japanese, but also discovered how to transport the ship.

See, the vessel I was piloting, had neither tractor beams nor tow cables (someone may want to add those on in the near future) Mhoram figured out that he could use his ‘Carpet Of Adhesion’ spell to glue the ships together and we could move it that way. The only trade of was that both he and Gravitron had to harness themselves to the hull because, for both of their powers to effect the vessel, they had to be touching it. But that was way cool because apparently, it Gravitronm is touching what he’s gravitationally effecting, he can reduce its mass to 1/10,000 of what it would be other wise. Even full of water, moving that thing was a snap.

We successfully towed the wreck to a small uninhabbited island. At this point, I put our own ship on autopilot and suggested that we go through the wreckage in search of survivors. Finding ways in wasn’t a problem; there were more then enough tears in the hull. Most of the ships inhabitants had been killed, but not all of them in the crash. As we investigated the wreck, it became obvious that this ship crashed here because someone shot the hell out ofit first. We managed to successdully save 18 of those on board, and also procured 7 more of their dead on the grounds that Mhoram could resurrect them (or LifeSource them, anyway). But that was as far as we got before something started melting down. Blue Bomber & Rebirth took to weapon and hardware salvaging before the ship imploded, while the rest of us got the bodies of everyone else to safety. But, surprisingly, they were unthankful to us. In fact, first words out of the girls mouth whom I saved in the first place was “kill me”. I asked her why and then the rest of them. I had the universal translator after all,so that made me the spokesman. The girl I rescued- Ardora- said that they belonged to the Taur and that the Taur would never stop looking for them. Mhoram arranged with his uncle to have them teleported safely to a different dimension, while I, on the other hand, having my own personal vandetta with the rock-jocky’s, gave her my solemn word that the if the Taur would be taken care of- one way or another. They thanked us for saving them, while Rebirth did salvage a cannon or two from the ship before it dissintegrated, and we headed back to base to report on what had happened. The base is is South America, and upon our arrival, we met up with Max, who informed us that the Taur are on the move. Seemed that they resently lost something very valuable to them. Guess the war’s now on. And it really was, considering all the stellar flight cross dimensional traveling, the longest save of anyone that I have ever had to make.


Great log. I hope that there is more.

The Longest Save

“Graitron” Yes, Gravitron can be grating on the nerves at times…

The Longest Save

Great Log! Mhoram should definitely go on the road with his" Magic Velcro". Forget superheroing, he would make billions. It would be better than Super Glue, Duct Tape and JB Weld combined! To think, it held 9 tons, but techniquely its strength if infinitely stronger…its only downside is that the package would have to include a small disclaimer that reads, “MageRight Not Included”.

The Longest Save
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