The Deep Breath Before The Plunge

A funny thing happened on the way to virally infect all of humanity-

What you are about to hear, I really wonder if I should be saying. I wasn’t comfortable with this plan. I still am not. Amd I also realizing that trusting my … ‘associates’ may have been an aregious mistake that I will pay for dearly. Just to recap: recently my friends and I traveled back ten years in time to prevent a fierce and bloodthirsty alien race known as the Taur from conquoring and enslaving the Earth. Upon doing so, we came upon the first salvo of their invasion in the form of a destroyed transport vessel that almost destroyed Tokyo Japan. We prevented that, saved the 23 lives of those that remained onboard, and then magically teleported the survivors to a different dimension where they will be safe. After which, my comrades colluded upon a plan that they believed was in humanities best interest and which would discourage the Taur from their invasion. That plan: infect the human population with a virus that will render every normal human being on the planet lethal to the Taur. We ran no tests on the humans themselves. Rebirth cooked this virus up in his lab and told us that the effects on humans would be mild and harmless. And, he being the chief executive officer of (CLASSIFIED) who were we to argue. However, Blue Bomber and I were had serious doubts about this and didn’t thik it right to infect the humans without their concent. Or without proper testing for that matter. Or even an anitidote, I might add. A fact that, when I brought it up, Gravitron scoffed it off and stated that “It’s harmless to humans.” “What if it infects mutants? Or what if it mutates period?” A question put forth my Mhorham, which surprised me because I was certain he was on board with this amoral symphony. To which Gravitron replied. “If it mutates, a cure will be effectively useless anyway so why make one.” My thought: so that you actually have a road map or a base outline and sample to work from in the event that the virus turns out to be deadly. It is better to have something to work from than to suddenly be up to your ears in infected people and have to start from scratch. But, the virus was made- it’s an aerosol too making a breech of containment nearly impossible to contain. And then we divided into two groups to maximize the outbreak. One group- consisting of Mhoram, Gravitron & Blue Bomber went to London to infect the transnational airline’s air condition and regulation. Oh, yea. An they took the awesome ship. You know. The one that has tractor beams, a cloaking device, inter-atmosphereic sonic flight, and all of the advanced Taur upgrades that Rebirth had cannabalized from the transport we rescued. So, yea- the got to ride in the Fun-vi. The second group- consisting of myself, Rebirth and Machinegun Harry, traveled to the Olympics in Brazil to infect everyone there by poison- … ‘Innoculating’ the central air filteration system that fed into Rio Max-Dome where all the major events were to be held. And we rode in the Hum-drum-Vi. I am still grateful that they let me fly the ship, but- compared to the other ship- we rode to Brazil in a Gypsy Cart. Laser cannons were our only weapons and we had no cloaking device, no cool super flight capabilities and still no tractor beams. I think I shall spring for some upgrades to level the playing field. Suffice to say, both groups successfully planted the samples- though down in Brazil we ran into some hippie rebels who some how knew what we were doing and what we were up to and tried- hilariously- to stop us. Dont’ get me wrong- the gas canisters through the windows was good, but I spend most of my life inside a full enviromental body suit, complete with a gas mask and air filter. Aside the point: I don’t breathe! I seized the canisters before they could do any real harm to us or the innocent people inside the building and redistributed them back to their poitn of origin. After which, Rebirth did a littel ‘flame-on’ action and sent them running for the hills, screaming for their lives. Gotta’ hand it to Rebirth. Non-violent solutions are the best ones. So, point in case: we successfully infected the human race with a virus that has no cure, and I am thankful that there have been so signs of signifagant death, sickness or mutation so far. But that does change that fact that I fear this is going to come back to bite us in the end. And I think Mhoram and Blue Bomber feel that too. Also, on that same note, that is where the happiness of our mission ends. When we got back to (CLASSFIED), something didn’t exactly feel right. Everything had been too rushed. It fle tlike something shoudl have happened. Like many details of everything that had happened had just been … glossed over to get to main event. Oh, accept for Spaghetti. I do remember that Gravitron is an awesome cook and made spaghetti. It was so good. But, great eating aside, I found out how right I was when, as we entered the capitol building and settled into the main conference room, the first words out the head of securities mouth to Rebirth were “Sir, we have a situation and we need you to go …now.” Ok, now if MY head of security said that to me, I would be two steps ahead fo that guy to get the hell out of that place. Rebirth’s responce was: “Wait, how did my highly advanced, super-iron clad security get compromised?” Well, no answer came because, at that point, the wall explodes, knocking all of us flying to the far end of the room. What entered was a masssive brute of an alien, and he’d brought a dozen, or so, armed guards with him. My knee-jerk reactive was to get all of the innocent civilians out of this room, and then out of the building. And thanks to Rebirth, Mhoram and Gravitron, I was able to do so. So, I guess when push comes to shove, they’ll do the right thing and save human lives. Or atleast sacrifice their own to protect what’s theirs. Mhoram’s Immobile spells were highly effective in holding off our attackers, seeing how their appeared to have some manner of anti-gravity capability (they floated in), making Gravitrons usual tactics innert. But he’s adaptable and capable if dishing out even when he can’t crush someone with their own weight. And Rebirths pyrotechnics are always welcome in press of battle. And then there’s Blue Bomber- living artillery cannon that he is, and Machinegun Harry- despite his name, he is an incredible martial artist and most of his abilities (enhanced strength, lightning reflexes, controling kinetic energy and matter expulsion) are reflected through use of powerful Chi Mudras. I felt sorry for th epoor slobs who dared attack us. But beyond those things, I know next to nothing of how the fight went down. I spent the entire duration of the battle, getting everyone not affiliated with the fight out of the building. So I do owe my fellow compatriots a vote of thanks. Due to their heroism, dozens if not hundreds of lives were saved that day. And they were a larger part of that than I. I just helped the people get to safety. They bought me the time. The fight ended quickly, as I expected it would, after which came the unnanimous decision to head back out to Asia and talke to (CLASSIFIED) about this. So we all shipped up and headed out there to talke to Macginegun Harry’s people and see if we could get a better handle of how our security got breeched so easily (Harry being the untrustworthy one of us.) What a mistake. I kept the motor on the ship running while they all went in to have a sit down (or a violent shoot out) with the (CLASSIFIED)(CLASSIFIED) and, as we did, it really hit the fan. The second salvo of the invasion hit. A Taur War Ship attacked us righ then and there. For the 2nd time in as many weeks, Tokyo was almost destroyed again. And here I thought New York in the USA was the hot spot of alien attacks. I was piloting the ship but it was Harry’s people who actually gave us the heads up. I fired upon the vessel with everything I had, but the more effective moves came from Rebirth, Mhoram and Gravitron. Mhoram possessed a spell of brutally lethal efficacy against the Taur: Stone To Flesh. The ship being stone after all took rediculous amounts of damage from his attacks and Gravitron was his support. He flew the wizard around on his back (in a physical position that I am have scrubbed from my brain as we speak) allowing him to wreak havoc on the attacking vessel. Blue Bomber was lancing away same as I, while Harry was on the ground tyring to coordinate some military effort with his people. Blue wasn’t having any luck damaging the thing- Until he started pumping out sound waves. A second notable weakness in the Taur: sound waves. The ship was taking increased amounts of damage now. But the ‘coup d’gracie’ goes to Rebirth, whose open, full-bore volly of artillery fire tore the ship up one side and down the other, cutting it nearly in half with a deadly malestrom of ballistics. And thus leaving us in our present current state … of screwed! The lucky one who detected the incoming, I performed a quick and accuaret scan of the area and realized that we had only destroyed one ship out of an attack squad of 16. Again, I try to be the optomist: 1 down, 15 go. Oh, yea. But even my California-dude cheer couldn’t out-weigh a sudden crushign reality: the Invasion had begun. And so, with a deep breath, we plunged into battle against what was, effectively, the first scouts of the Taur Invasion Force. (-TO BE CONTINUED-)


CraigCoxson xeroTorex

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