Peabody's Improbable History

History Books Are Wrong!

Wow, I thought the future was busy- now my past blurs past my eyes. Forgive me if I missed something of importance- you know jet lag? Pales compared to time lag- I am exhausted…

Enough blathering, there is a story to be told, and I am the one telling it. Al, of course, vacated. For a “Fairy Godfather”, or Uncle, or whatever he is selling me this week, he sure seems to disappear anytime there is danger. Will have to talk to Mom & Dad about him if I live through this.

We got the virus to save the Earth from the aliens (which I resurrected, mind you! Al at least taught me that) We broke into 2 groups- Gravitron, Lashes, and myself in one, and the Senator, Machine Gun Harry, Sun Crusher, and Blue Bomber in the other. Our group went to London in Grav’s Taur spaceship (he kept it, and it is cool) We got in “toot sweet” (them Brits talk funny- must be the bad teeth), with Lashes and Grav doing the transport, and me doing the sneaking through the airport to the ventillation control. A simple invisibility, and virus spread through the largest hub in the world. Easy….

We got back to Xenos before the other group, which was strange, since they only needed to go next door to Brazil…. But Grav & I work great together, and have done it for a long time, and his wife Lashes is just an extension of him…

When the others finally showed up, we all sat down to a celebratory spaghetti dinner, fixed by Grav. Presidential Palace, Xenos nation, dining room- most secure place on Earth, or so we thought. In busts that Iron Enforcer guy that hunted Grav before we got together as a team! Through the picture window! With 12 followers! Talk about a rude interruption- I had not had my garlic bread yet!!! We made short work of them- the Senator (sorry, Praetor, head of the Xenos nation- I always forget that he is so much bigger now) did a flame circle, I did an immobilize cone, and they were over. What idiots attack us in our home? Pleeaze…

After that indigestion, we decided the only place to go was SIAM, the only nation group to boycott the Olympics. Harry was from there, so we figured we were in. What jerks! They kept us in our hotel, had the nerve to grill the Senator, and then…

ALL YOUR HISTORY BOOKS ARE WRONG! The Taur invasion happened one day earlier!!!

How this occurred, I know not. All the way back, to Caesar, to Alexander, to Ghengis, they considered war breaking out as the first attacks. Nope, not this time…. Somehow all history writers got amnesia for a day! I cannot explain it, I know not! Just like I still don’t understand how Sun Crusher takes a crap in his suit….

So, sitting in our gilded prison the Taur sent a first wave of unmanned ships! Oh, and they knocked out all satelite communications with nobody knowing as well! Amazing magic they have!

I remembered that they were stone- so first I immobilized the ship, then I did a stone to flesh spell, which hurt it really bad. All this while riding Gravitron like we were some S&M pony couple- oh, sorry, too graphic? Never understand the whole too graphic thing- whatever folks want to do, as long as it don’t hurt nobody, right? Anyhow, after I hurt it bad Blue Bomber let out some sound waves, Harry hit the thing, and then the Senator unloaded on it- I mean the full magazine! After that I dropped the immobilization, Grav did his increase gravity deal, and smash!!! Game over!!

The problem is Sun Crusher, in Grav’s ship, lets us know that it is the 1st of 16! I feel weak- seem to not have my usual power. I am worried for the first time in a long time.


CraigCoxson killervp

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