Master Cylinder Pants

Tis I the mighty Gravitron, slayer of Taur and criminals alike. I have written down another tale for you, my children, so that you might remember your father and pass it on to your children. This story will be so that you come to know how you have these magic swords that you now own. Many years ago when you were but wee children. You see your father is one of the first recorded time travelers in history. These swords were given to me by your Uncle Mhoram’s uncle. Anyhow that is another story. For today I tell about how your father saved Japan from an alien spaceship.

It all started in San Francisco in the alien Sun Crusher’s hotel. Sun Crusher along with Uncle Mhoram and Blue Bomber came back from the future with me. We knew what was about to happen, which is why I summoned the Senator to meet with us. We knew that a large object was about to hit Japan. So your daddy and his friends and some aliens, flew to Japan on daddy’s spaceship, which he flew the entire way. Don’t let that Sun Crusher guy tell you any differently. Once we got there, we realized that we were super early. That’s when the Japanese officials were mad at daddy because they did not understand that daddy was there to save the people. So the Japanese sent a representative to talk with daddy and his friends. It was at this point that the senator flew down to pick up Mr. Harry. He was a mutant just like me. Daddy and the others proceeded to explain the situation to him while we waited for the spaceship to crash. It turns out the object was a spaceship the whole time. Actually it was a really big spaceship like the one on Spaceballs. As it came down daddy strapped himself to the back of the Senator and they flew on a gentle trajectory path to guide this spaceship out of Tokyo’s vicinity and into the ocean.

After the ship crashed the team headed over to the wreck site where Mhoram and I helped pick up the ship while Sun Crusher took over as temporary co-pilot. At this point we took the ship to an island in the Pacific to then rescue the passengers without being harassed by government officials. It was here that I ran into the fire with just a can of Dr. Pepper cupping the jewels of our family. This formed what has now been made known as master cylinder pants amongst the group. Afterward we dropped the ship into the Marianna Trench, while Mhoram brought three of these alien species back to life. It was at this point that I found out why the aliens were here and assured them we were on their side. It was at this point they requested refuge and Mhoram aided them by having Al send them to his world. Before they left, the aliens gave us a virus to help save the planet. It may be dangerous to some aliens, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.


CraigCoxson PandaJester

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