Journal Entry: November 16, 2044

Unofficial SSAF report, Commanding Officer’s Journal:Lieutenant Gun H.; November 15, 2044

“I am still trying to understand how a field surgeon (in training) was able to get into the position that I am in. But sometimes when the need is great enough, and something is going your way to fulfill that need you just don’t ask questions. Yet, the small story is worth noting:

“Prior to my departure from Singapore to Tokyo, I had requested an immediate transfer to SSAF’s base in Tokyo. Surprisingly the commanding surgeon, Col. Dao Foutzu, granted my transfer right there and then. Either he trusted me impeccably; or, he felt that he needed to get rid of me. Or, maybe he sensed the urgency of my request, although I could not tell him the real reason I needed to be tranfered. I mean how would a Chief Commanding Officer of the major medical division on one of SIAM’s largest military bases respond to a low level officer telling him about a vision he had of the future. And in this vision, the Earth was not just taken over… but every living soul was nearly wiped off the face of the planet by a ruthless conquering race of feline rock people??? I would have been strung up in a court martial case on account of my sanity. Heck! I could hardly believe parts of it myself. And, I am STILL questioning whether it is real, or not. Nonetheless, he was very professional in seeing me off, despite my pretense.

“Once I arrived at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, a military escort was there to greet me. They escorted me to Yokota SSAF Base where I was introduced to Admiral Sohaki. I recognized him immediately. He was aged quite a bit, sporting a Fu Man Chu (I wondered if that was within regulation…well, he was probably above regulations after serving for more than fifty years). Yet, I remembered him from an old war photo my dad had. My father was just a private serving under the Admiral at the time. I don’t think they knew each other, but I knew my father was always very proud to serve under his command. (Now it was my turn.) Admiral Sohaki spoke urgently and ushered my first command. I was to go immediately to Yugi communications base and debrief my new orphan outfit of eight soldiers about an unidentified flying object that seemed to be hindering progress on a important scientific find. I was not privileged with any information about this find. But, if my vision was accurate it must have to do with the oncoming Taur invasion.

I arrived at Yugi communications bases just before breakfast. I hadn’t eaten yet, but I was too excited to meet my crew. The crew consisted of 9 soldiers including myself. We had been placed over minor reconnaissance collected for the SSAF. They all fell into rank as I entered the mess hall. All at attention. Six men and 2 women. The crew sergeant gave the roll call. When he came to PFC Honju Mokioto, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here was the man that I would serve along side with in the future in my vision. He would have been part of the super team I created when I took on the persona of the Silver Dragon. If that future existed now, he would call himself the Monkey King, or Sun Wukong. From what I remember he was a genius. I knew immediately that he would be a great asset to the team.

“I before I could even get a bite of the scrambled eggs we were scrambling ourselves to get things prepared and on the road to rendezvous at the site of the unidentified flying object. We arrived at the site around 1020. We just on the coast outside of Tokyo, East of Tokyo Bay on Nojimazaki Point. We could barely see the craft with the naked eye. It must have been at least 4 or 6 kilometers up in the atmosphere. PFC Mokioto, our radio man, began searching all frequencies to try and communicate with the craft, while still keeping an open frequency with General Command. I had orders to gain all that we could about the craft without raising a national incident. Mokioto finally hailed the craft.

“They stated they were with the Xenos Nation. I didn’t know much about the Xenos, only that they were not very liked by many of the countries of the world. The way they were talked about in the news broadcasts I had seen lately, if the Taur weren’t coming to invade the Earth in 2 days, there would be war anyways between the Xenos and nearly every other nation. I am certain SIAM didn’t like them very much. SIAM viewed them as a global threat. Although, economic analysts believed the Xenos Nation would not be around long enough to backup what everyone else feared about them…that is unless they began striking out and conquering neighboring countries to utilize their economies. Oh boy! Why did it have to be the Xenos? At this point I am wondering how I am going to prevent this from becoming an incident.

“The craft continued to tell us the nature of their intrusion. First off, they stated that they were flying in international airspace. Unfortunately they were very mistaken. I don’t know what air maps they were using, but they were clearly in SIAM airspace. Maybe they were looking at an old air chart that was made before the Asian Intermunicipal Charter of 2015 that laid out the global territory of SIAM when it was formed. I don’t know; all I knew was this was making matters worse. I needed to prevent General Command from sending out an air strike, so I asked for one hour to handle the situation. After deliberating for about 10 minutes they agreed. I bet the big wigs were invlolved now. Man, this was becoming a mess!

“The craft told us that they were trying to prevent the Earth from global annihilation of an oncoming alien race bent on our destruction; and that SIAM was in imminent danger from total destruction. The Taur? How did they know about the Taur? They didn’t immediately come out and say the Taur, but I knew this must be what they were talking about. How could they have possibly seen this terrible future, too? Well, I guess that question wasn’t as impotant as this one. Could I trust them to be an ally? Sure enough I needed some allies right now. Not even my team knew what I had seen. I was all alone with my secret, except for Master Xian Tsu. How was I supposed to save the entire world all by myself? I had to take a risk to trust someone…the only thing is, the last time I tusted someone my mother ended up dead and my father left in a catatonic stated from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Damn! I wish the Mo’Dong Warrior were alive and here right now. Not that he would be good company, but then I could take all my frustration of this current situation out on him by ripping out his liver and putting my fist through his spine like him put that hideous black sword through my mother’s.

“Focus. I had to take a moment to settle my rage.

“The rest of my team were not paying too much attention to the radio conversation, since it was much action. It really was just PFC Mokioto and me doing much. It took this opportunity to gauge my trust in Mokioto. I quitely whispered to him something about the Monkey King. His eyes got really big. He looked around to see if anyone were watching. He asked how I knew about his secret identity. I gave him the short version of my vision. I asked if I could trust him. He affirmed that I could. I knew he spoke the truth, afterall the Monkey King would never lie. I told him that I needed to meet with an ambassador of the intruding craft. They had information that I was not privy to. I told him I needed his help to divert my team. He said he could. Just after radioing a demand for a meeting and its location, I announced an infield promotion of PFC Mokioto to Corporal and placed him in command of the team. I told them that he would brief them on a special mission. With that I took my leave. I don’t think the team was very pleased with those orders, but I didn’t have much time to do anything else. I knew that Corp. Mokioto could handle it.

I arrived at the rendezvous point at the appointed time. No one was there. I was becoming a little impatient when suddenly from the sky a tall man flew down to the ground with tremendous speed. He landed in a 3-point crouch as a cloud of dust burst up from the ground. His head was down; he slowly rose. He spoke clear and decisive. He asked why we needed to meet. I gave the full account of my vision. He affirmed that what I had seen was not a mere dream. It would be our future if we did not act now. With that he grabbed me and we were lift into the sky. I did not resist. Though I did not fully trust this man (maybe because he claimed he was the leader of the Xenos Nation), I needed to find out more information. In no time I found myself in their alien craft.

I was introduced to the rest of the crew. It is funny how many Westerners I have met that think just because I look Chinese that I must not know English. They talk to you in a loud voice and speak really slow. Some of these guys were no different. Anyway. The last member of the crew was a peculiar man in a Phantom mask. The mask kind of put me off, but then I recognized him from my vision. This was Mhoram!

Finally, things were starting to come together. To think that in less than 48 hours everything is just going to come back apart. I don’t know if we will be able to prevent this big of a catastophe. Yet, the biggest catastrophe is knowing about it and choosing to do nothing. We will fight this. And with a lot of hope, we will win.


Cool log- but Mhoram does not do a Phantom mask- he does a fake nose, glasses, and ties his hair back so he looks like Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller.

Journal Entry: November 16, 2044

I like it. I can not give you points for it as I gave it to you already for what you wrote before but awesome stuff. Shows personality and depth. You may have set the standard for logs in the future.

Journal Entry: November 16, 2044
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