Introduction of Machine-Gun Harry

Excerpt from Machine-Gun Harry’s Bio

After three long years the war began to break. As Harry looked back on his country and countrymen, all he saw was destruction. SIAM had nearly fallen, returning to independent metropolis states. The Shengxiao warriors disbanded (those who survived).

Harry in a state of despair went to Singapore Harbor where he had vanquished the Mo’Dong warrior. His mind in turmoil, he fell into a trance to escape. His body became weightless and was carried away out to sea by a strong sea breeze. A silver tinsel-thin sheet acted as a sail. Mindlessly and aimlessly, Harry continued to drift. Days turned to weeks. His body became emaciated and thin from days of fasting. Finally, Harry reached a foreign shore. He collapsed on the beach. He heard footsteps approaching him. He looked up into the shadow of a figure. As his eyes adjusted to the bright lite background, he focused on what he recognized as The White Tigress. Her face changed. No, dont go! The figure was not a woman, but a man. The man was wearing a mask. At first Harry was reminded of the Mo’Dong Warrior, but no the man did not have the stature of a warrior. His presence was calming. The figure spoke, “I am Mhoram; we are here to help.” Harry then collapses from complete fatigue and exhaustion…

…Suddenly, Harry awakes again! His mind is confused, but he feels more clear and alert. He is sitting on a mat. He is in front of his master, Xing Tse. Master Xing is also sitting lotus style on the mat; his master’s eyes are closed . They are both in the temple of Ma Xin. The temple is somehow restored. Or is it untouched? Master Xing’s eyes open. “What did you see?” Harry is perplexed by this question, but instinctively relates all that has passed. Harry begins to realize that he has seen a glimpse of things that are to come. They have seemed so real. It is hard for Harry to separate between what is real and what was a vision. He thinks, Why can I not remember entering into meditation with Master Xing? Recalling this memory is painful for Harry. After a few questions from Master Xing, Harry realizes that he is physically in the time prior to the invasion of the Taur; three days before to be precise!

He needs to warn the World! Where did it all begin? Tokyo, yes! He jumps up and races towards the door. “Harry, son!” Master Xing Tse calls. Harry turns back around. “Do not forget these.” Xing Tse holds out a leather rucksack. Harry takes a few steps towards his master and takes the gift. “Thank you, Master.” “You are welcome, Master Gun.” Master Gun? But that didn’t happen until after the invasion. Harry opens the satchel as he briskly leaves the daojang. Inside are the three scrolls given to him by Xing Tse in his vision. Was it real?

Within the hour, Harry has a boarding pass in his hand from SIAM-Air International. He is on a plane bound for Tokyo. He is unclear what he is going to do. He doesn’t know the full validity of the vision; but he is compelled that it is real. He keeps thinking about each of the events. Did they really happen? And who was that mysterious masked figure that was trying to help me? What was his name again? Menorah? Manitoba? Moron? No wait, Mhoram! What did he have to do with everything? As the plane takes off from the runway. Harry realizes something. My dad is still alive! The old woman next to him hands Harry a tissue. Harry notices that he is crying. This is for you, Dad!


Ok, you are not going to tell me that I am your dad, are you?

Introduction of Machine-Gun Harry

lol. I guess out of context it does look like that could be a possibility. But, no. Harry’s dad died in a convalescent home during the Taur War. After he realizes that he has not lived the future but only has seen it, Harry knows that his dad has not been killed by the Taur. The unfortunate thing is that in the hustle and bustle of getting to Tokyo, he does not take a stop to visit his dad. But, he knows if he waste time it would matter, bc his dad will be dead for real.

Introduction of Machine-Gun Harry

Fantastic work Jayson! I really look forward to future logs.

Introduction of Machine-Gun Harry
CraigCoxson MachineGunHarry

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